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We are Chris and Heidi Poirier. We've been together for over 20 years! Starting out very young and having some rocky situations, including having a child right out of high school we were blessed to be connected with people who were willing to be open and simply talk.

Talking about their successes & failures, people that opened up about why their marriage of decades failed, money problems, success and failures in everything from raising children to business successes and failures. People that have created great wealth and some that keep trying the same thing with the same result while struggling with some of the fundamentals. In addition to what is probably one of the most important, the influences of people teaching us "This life is what YOU make it!" and providing us the encouragement to open our businesses.  

Chris is driven by the opportunity to help people. Seeing people improve and enjoy their lives, there is not much of a better feeling than being part of that positive change.

After attending college for personal finance & business management, it became clear the ideology most people are living under for how they handle money doesn't work.

So, in the early to mid-2000's we slowly started implementing new teaching in our home. During this time conversations with others about being debt-free and general smart money habits began (mostly initiated by him), it didn't take long for others to start asking questions about what we were doing.


It began with "Go read this book, go listen to this" and so on... Before we realized it we were doing mini-coaching impromptu sessions, explaining why they should work towards becoming debt-free, how to get there, how to create a functional plan, have a strong emergency fund, improve spousal communication regarding money investing and so on.   

Heidi is an accomplished broker, professional & business owner, wife, mother and sister.

Heidi spent many years building relationships in the face to face sales world. She is very passionate about the products and services that help improve our lives.  She believes very strongly in advocacy, and people sharing knowledge to enrich others.


Other interesting facts about your coaches.

*We are dog lovers. Heidi would love to start a rescue ranch for dogs. On too many occasions she has wanted to go adopt all the dogs from the local shelters. (I have hope, maybe someday.) 

*We will soon be empty nesters. WOW.

*In our free time, we love to bicycle, motorcycle, and travel.  

*We are strong believers in passive income. 

*We own a full service Real Estate Brokerage in Texas (Yes, we can advise you on Real Estate dealing if needed) we will always answer the question in a "What would we do if we woke up in your shoes." way. Feel free to check out the link below.  

Below is a link to our mail brokerage page where you can get some good real estate advise too.



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